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Many of you know that I was actually trained as a Theoretical Physicist, but somehow found myself going to the Dark Side—Sales. But, I keep going back to my roots in physics, it sometimes helps me understand phenomena we encounter in Sales. Read More
I’ve been writing a short series on Hacking Selling–(Hacking Selling, Hacking Selling Part 2). As with the prior articles, I get huge numbers of requests from sales manager to help Hack their jobs. “What are the short cuts?” “How do I manage my time better?” “How do I get things done more easil Read More
I’m occasionally amused by some of the comments and responses my blog posts provoke. Not long ago, I published a post, The Best Sales Person I Ever Known. Read More
Just when I think I’ve gotten the worst possible cold prospecting call and that nothing else could be worse, some sales person proves me wrong.

Today, I got a call from someone selling “promotional items.”
Read More
I wrote, Finding The Decisionmaker, discussing the consensus buying process and the increasing number of decisionmakers involved in complex B2B sales ( Average of 5.4 according to CEB.) My good friend, Martin Schmalenbach, always calls BS on me in such interesting ways. Read More
There’s a lot of stuff written about what sales managers have to do and their key job responsibilities. Some of the laundry list items include: Make sure the team makes the number, develop the strategy, manage the forecast/pipeline, manage performance, recruit, train, coach, and on and on. Read More
I wrote “Sales Managers Only Have One Real Goal.” It stimulated a lot of thoughtful conversation. Christian Maurer shared a particularly astute, and troubling observation: Read More
Recently I was asked to my views on the best interview questions for sales hires. It was published in a great ebook from Openview Ventures. Be sure to take a look at it, there are some great questions from some very smart people. Read More
Sales people are obsessed with products. We know every feature, function, feed, and speed. We know the most nuanced details of the product and how it’s used. Read More
As sales people, we’re used to being measured. We have pipeline metrics, quotas. We may have weekly call or meeting goals. We have prospecting goals, and on and on and on. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!