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Google is unleashing its Mobile-Friendly update 21st April. As a result it sets a deadline to get websites optimised for mobile search results. This is the ideal time to look at technical seo as a whole. Read More
I didn't know much about Facebook's Custom Audience Targeting so I dug around and wrote up what I found. It looks a terrific platform for businesses looking to reconnect with their database and or finding 'lookalikes' to broaden an audience. Read More
I have a go at explaining a considered approach to upgrading to Universal Analytics and also bring Google Tag Manager into the process. Read More
Since the revamp of Webmaster Tools Search Query data, is there any SEO gains to be had? This post looks at how to use the data to inform on page optimisation.
Read More
Customer Modality essentially segregates audiences into four overarching customer segments. The four groups are defined by the intersection of decision speed (fast vs. slow) and decision driver (logic vs. emotion). Read More
Attribution modelling is an insightful way of interrogating Google Analytics and I have a look at how this data can be extracted and understood. Read More
Since the Dawn of the Web, We've Been Subjected to Spam. Today, Comment Spam Gets More Human and Harder to Filter. Are We Doomed to Drift Over it Forever? Read More
Social mark up, is it's time now? Been around for a while but I've certainly not felt there has been a rush to implement it other than by news sites.
I wanted to get my head around it some more so wrote this up. *How To Use Twitter Cards, Facebook Open Graph and Google+ Markup*

Any good examp Read More
Google Analytics Tag Manager guide: using is for traditional async tracking but also for Universal Analytics too. Read More
The Cambridge Satchel Company Grew From A Kitchen To A Retail Business By Creating A Social Object. I have a look at how the firm leveraged Hugh Macleod's "social object" concept. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!