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With the holiday shopping season passed, many small business owners are turning their thoughts to strategies for growing sales in 2015. With that in mind, here are five marketing ideas that are near-guaranteed to get more business through your door. Read More
We all have customers who’ve become “un-loyal” for one reason or another. Perhaps they used to subscribe to your service but have let their subscription lapse in recent months. Maybe they made several purchases from your website in the past but now need to be reminded about how great your products Read More
I work on hundreds of kiosk designs and marketing materials for businesses. Whether they are large scale corporations or small businesses taking off, I think that all businesses should be actively concerned about their branding and what they convey with that branding.
Something as simple as the co Read More
Just last week, I had the opportunity to have a heart to heart with a business owner about building and maintaining relationships with her customers. She was in a bit of an unusual bind: her business had too much business.
What I mean by that is she wasn’t able to recognize and personally know al Read More
Customer Relationships - Your first instinct on seeing a negative online review may be to immediately and vigorously defend your business. But don't overreact. You may well be able to turn the situation ... Read More
Wondering how text message marketing compares to other forms of customer outreach? This handy infographic shows you the difference in open and response rates and more. Read More
10 fresh ideas for getting customers into your store this November. There's more than just Black Friday happening - use these ideas to engage your customers all month long. Read More
Loyalty marketing is an approach to marketing that focuses on increasing business revenue by targeting existing consumers.

While most marketing companies focus their entire efforts on finding new customers, and most loyalty programs are made to simply reward customers who come in frequently; the Read More
Opening a franchise is a chance to be your own boss, which means it’s very different from just investing in someone else’s business. There are benefits doing both, but going with your own franchise can potentially lead to better returns, especially in a poor economy. Read More
Purchasing a business is a major decision and it requires a lot of research, time, and money. There are many different options even among the same industry, but not every business opportunity is going to be a right fit for you. There are, however, certain signs you can watch for to be sure you are Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!