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Many decades ago master marketer John Caples revealed an insight into marketing that's even more powerful today than it was then... Read More
Find out how marketing speaker Geoff Ramm built his authority (and his #secretsauce for winning clients) Read More
Google recently released their Zero Moment Of Truth book and concept. It makes a lot of sense - but they haven't got everything right... Read More
Everyone tells you to keep in touch with your potential clients. But it's not enough.

To successfully nurture relationships and win clients you need to do more. This articles shows how lessons from gardening can shape a successful approach. Read More
Marketing Presentation Tips: How to grab and hold the attention of your audience right to the end of your talk. Read More
One of the stories I hear the most often from struggling solo professionals or small firms is that they did well for a couple of years after starting up and then just kind of plateaued. This blog post shares an important strategy to avoid that killer dip. Read More
How to create an effective Linkedin profile to get more clients for your consulting, coaching, accountancy or legal busines Read More
How an argument over Twitter showed me a thing or two about ethics. In particular, whether it's more important to write interesting material that attracts readers - or to give them the very best advice. Read More
Let's face it: professionals hate selling. Consultants hate selling. Architects and surveyors hate selling. Accountants hate selling. And lawyers: lawyers really hate selling. And we don't just hate the act of selling. Many of us hate the entire concept of selling. We feel it's beneath us. It's demeaning. We're experts in our field — we Read More
How many meetings with clients have you been to that were aimless, unstructured and poorly planned? If you're like most professionals, probably quite a few. The problem's particularly acute when it comes to business development meetings: your first few meetings with a potential client when you and they are trying to figure out whether you sh Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!