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Have you ever heard the expression – “You want to hide something? Put it on the second page of Google!”. This is our reality nowadays. When looking for something online everybody is more prone to taking the easy route and just grabbing whatever comes first then searching thoroughly. Consequentially Read More
FlexiThemes is the ultimate site dealing in WordPress themes. Operating since 2009. it has an extensive database that currently consists of 2231 themes. What’s really great is that all the themes are free to use for both personal and commercial sites. The catch is that if you choose to go the free Read More
VPNs were once something only hackers & corporations used. Today they are a tool we all need if we want to pay less for plane tickets, surf more privately & securely, and don't want to be constantly surveilled by big corporations.

Read More
WordXpress used to be known as Fiddler Online. They were hyper-focused on first designing and building WordPress websites, then maintaining and supporting them. They had been doing that for most of a decade. Just last year they got more requests for maintenance & support of existing sites and reali Read More
No matter what kind of a writer you are, you write to express yourself. For your message to be decoded and interpreted well, you need to have writing skills. As an author, there are some mistakes you should always avoid to maintain your credibility. Some common mistakes lower your professional abil Read More
This plugin takes away your need for bulletin boards and printed out copies of schedules plastered on walls or hanging from cubicles. It’s an easy and elegant solution to keep everyone informed of all the tasks, meetings, projects etc. If you’ve ever seen a multicolored sheet with any type of weekl Read More
The only fact that you are coming up with your first website is enough to pump up your excitement. Since having a site isn’t an infant’s play, you’d have to keep an eye on a myriad of things. Right from the number of pages to the quality of the content, paying attention to every little task isn’t a Read More
WP SitePlan is a company primarily created to provide expert WordPress support to those who need help keeping sites they manage up-to-date. They count 15 employees remote in 4 U.S. cities, providing help for around 60 customers.

Their goal is to partner with any business, freelancer, agency, or Read More
Things break down. It’s a fact of life. Cars, refrigerators, phones, and websites – it’s all the same. However, nobody expects you to change the oil in a vehicle without having physical access to it. But some customers do expect you to debug and fix their websites without giving you complete admin Read More
Sure, WordPress might be one of the best and well-liked CMS (content management system), especially when it comes to bloggers. It is super easy to use, and even utter newbies can build a professional website using a WordPress theme.

Unfortunately, WordPress sites are still very poorly protected Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!