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When our To-Do lists keep getting longer and longer and ideas or tasks are slipping through the cracks, we often begin to question and think about changing some of our habits, workflows and processes. Most of the time: rightfully so. 3+ years ago I implemented what I thought was a low-key process . Read More
Those of us who use Trello for project management, know that tracking dependent tasks in or across boards, isn’t the most fun thing to do. Board setups, working styles and organizational needs vary. But we all want to be able to keep track of the completion of tasks.

In this article, I am going Read More
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see your Trello tasks on your Google Calendar?

There are a couple options how to do this, and in this article I am diving into 3 popular Trello Power-Ups that will help you with integrating your Trello board’s due tasks with Google’s Calendar. Read More
There are ongoing demands of additional features for Trello that are served by various 3rd party tools. In this second part about Trello hacks and workflow ideas, I go into in-board workflows and useful tools that satisfy productivity and utility demands of many Trello users. Read More
Do you need to find hosting for your website, but don't really know how to approach that matter? Learn the most basic features your web host should provide. Read More
Did you create workflows in your Trello boards using the ButlerBot? Now is the time that these commands need to be migrated to the Butler Power-Up in order to keep these workflows alive. In this article I am sharing my learnings of migrating commands to the Butler Power-Up. Read More
Did you know that you can now fine-tune how to target your email subscribers by using tags, merge tags and groups in MailChimp? This sophisticated email marketing tools is continuously upgrading its feature set, and here is what you should know about how tags, merge tags and groups can be used in M Read More
Workflow creation in Trello is becoming more and more popular. When using a new tool, more often than not we have to face a learning curve. The same is true when we learn a new skill. In this post I am sharing my most important learnings for creating workflows with you. Read More
In this article, I am showcasing my results with rebuilding a workflow in Trello for an Archive Repository Board. In this board, I am collecting archived cards from multiple Trello boards into a separate board, but with the Butler Power-Up instead of the ButlerBot. Read More
In this second part about the Butler Power-Up’s features, I will dive into the general command types and how you can use them for building creating workflows in your Trello boards. I will particularly focus on its features and the advantages it has to use the Butler Power-Up instead of the ButlerBo Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!