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Last Tuesday I had the opportunity to chat with Keven Spargo, founder of K-Sounds, who developed a business 12+ years ago when he recognized that the piano sounds on keywords were quite limited. He began to sample piano sounds and thus was born a passion for sampling and the birth of a business. Read More
On Sunday night I was fortunate enough to speak with Eric about his experience using the online marketplace of odd jobs, TaskRabbit. For those who aren’t familiar, TaskRabbit is an online and mobile marketplace that allows users to outsource small jobs and tasks to others in their neighborhood. Read More
Digital whiz Jesse Aaron takes us through GA and specifically combs through how to set-up and leverage Intelligence Events to better understand how people are finding and converting on your website. Read More
Mateo Llinas documents the incredible explosion of smart mobile devices that have turbo-powered mobile banking and thereby fueled the growth in commerce in Africa. Read More
In the late 90’s, Michael skipped out on a career in mortgage banking to go back to school to get a Master’s in Education, with the goal of working with kids and to ‘do some good in the world.’ Below is a record of our conversation that details his early observations of the internet, his favorite c Read More
Mobile expert Mateo Llinas takes us through examples and best practices of how advertisers can reach users via mobile un-obtrusive, relevant and engaging ads. If you're struggling with capturing customers via mobile, this is a great place to start. Read More
Jesse Aaron crafts a comprehensive post that dives into eye-tracking and the multitude of benefits a marketer can derive from leveraging this technology. Learn how to take these insights and apply them to your business' website, and in turn watch sales grow. Read More
If you're a retail or e-commerce company, chargebacks are a part of your everyday lexicon. Learn how to prevent chargebacks to maintain a healthy customer base and business. Read More
Mark Cerminaro, chief revenue officer at RapidAdvance, offers relevant and actionable strategies to boost your small business' presence on the web with targeted SEO strategies and tactics. Read More
Kenneth B. Mak, a leading Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, takes us through the benefits of oral hygiene and how this plays a big role in how you're perceived in the workplace. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!