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Whether you're looking for initial startup funding to turn your small business idea into a reality or need money for new equipment or expansion, finding the money you need can be a challenge. Here are some places to start. Read More
Moving into your first "official" space can be an exciting time for a small business startup, but don't let the excitement cloud your judgement. Remember - it's a negotiation. Guest poster Clare Moorhouse offers some great tips on negotiating your first space. Read More
If you're considering starting a business, Zig Ziglar's "Better Than Good: Creating a Life You Can't Wait to Live" is a great read for some perspective. He talks about passion, performance, and purpose in this book - all necessary ingredients for creating a successful and sustainable small business. Read More
"Help me! I hate my job!: Chances are high that you've either uttered this phrase in desperation yourself a time or two in the last few years... or that you know someone who has. Are you longing to escape the corporate world in favor of running your own show? What do you need to consider before do Read More
Small business owners have much to learn from those who blazed the path of entrepreneurship before them. Many successful business leaders have taken the time to share their secrets and experiences. Why WOULDN'T we want to read what they have to say? Read More
Sourcing any new employees for a small business is difficult and time consuming. You may be using the usual mix of classified ads, job boards, or recruiters to find your next employee. Or... you may try our latest approach --- using Google Adwords to source our latest hire! Read More
Small business blogs are an essential step in your online marketing campaign. But, blogs are a dime a dozen these days. With so many blogs online, what will you do to get YOUR blog noticed online? Follow these SEO tips to improve your rankings! Read More
Marketing expenses used to be a significant line item expense for small business owners... in the "old days" of not much more than a decade ago! Successful new entrepreneurs are happily striking that category off the expense list though and taking advantage of the social media options that abound. Read More
Turning a hobby into a full-time business can be challenging for many, but Rachel Lewis-Rapier of She Bakes Cakes makes it look easy. She combines her passion with her small biz savvy to achieve profitability and success with her new venture! Read More
Every penny counts when you're a small business owner. BeFrugal CEO Jon Lal shares several ways that small businesses can save money on everyday purchases. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!