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As a former purchaser, I will discuss the purchasing power phenomena, and how membership clubs are getting popular in today's economy. I will also share my future plans for Tea Party Media podcast and digital town hall. Read More
I have started to test LiveGood's CBD pain relief cream. I will share my future plans for High Five for Hemp podcast and digital town hall. Read More
In today's show, have a chat with Philosopher Andrew Bernstein, about his new pamphlet, The Truth About Climate Change. Tune in for an interesting show as we uncover facts that are routinely overlooked by the government and media. Read More
Having a professional voicemail message for your business can be essential for projecting the right image to potential customers and partners. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, having a clear and concise custom voicemail greeting is key. In this article, we have compiled 25 of Read More
Data-driven insights are made possible with Zoho Survey, a cutting-edge online tool for creating customized online surveys. The software’s unique benefits and top-notch features present small businesses with illuminating opportunities, providing key data to guide strategic decisions. Read More
OpenAI has taken a significant step forward by announcing the launch of the ChatGPT app for iOS, a move that stands to benefit small business owners in several ways.
OpenAI’s ChatGPT, renowned for its conversational abilities, has now been mobilized, offering users a seamless way to access the AI Read More
Release massive scaling by getting ultra-relevant in product community by leveraging the Kessler Ratzensberger scaling cheatsheet in combination with community (read by haaartland CEO Niklas Lohmann). Niklas also heads up the 'Community Growth Secrets Program' at haaartland and as a serial founder Read More
I tell about the expression, "50 Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong," and a great interview by a Frenchman.

Call-to-Action: After you have listened to this episode, add your $0.02 (two cents) to the conversation, by joining (for free) Tea Party Media Town Hall. Feel free to introduce yourself to t Read More
People are always emphasizing exercise as a key to staying healthy while building a small business. On a daily basis, I have always believed, as one of my trainers always said, “motion is lotion”. But you also need to realize that what you feed your body is equally as important as the amount of exe Read More
The Power of Storytelling in Brand Building: How Interactive Web-TV Enhances the Customer Experience
Building a strong brand requires a multi-faceted approach, and one key aspect of this is having a strong online presence. A well-designed website and a strong social media presence are both crucial Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!