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Starting a small business from the scrap may not be that easy. You must keep your head going and think for a brighter and better plan. As a bootstrapper, you know very well that you completely rely on your self. No external support, no strong foundation and no string connections. You will make your own decisions, plans and strategies. Oftentimes, o Read More
In these times wherein there is a dramatic downturn in the global economy, small business can hardly make it to stay up front in the arena. It is still worth a try to grasp on the idea that people are still spending despite the worst condition and they'll continue to do so. No matter what, businesses will still continue to produce their goods and Read More
Yes, you read it right. You might think that overworking is good because it can increase production but you should not bite the bait that instant. Read More
Remember those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books, where you determined the plot arc by deciding which page to turn to? Well, our upcoming 3-hour online We Are Media event will debut our "Choose Your Own Expert" format. The best part: any path you choose will be a good one. We've gathered some of the top nonprofit social media experts to help Read More
Conventional wisdom about how to “get the word out” about your products is focused on finding and relating to the “influencers.” If you do this, so we're told, you will get the “big hit” from a mention in a powerful blog or mainstream media publication and that will drive traffic to your website, generating leads that turn into closed business. No Read More
Jive, a leader in "social business software" for enterprise collaboration and community platforms, has added social media expertise to its repertoire. Through social media monitoring tools from Radian6, the new Jive Market Engagement lets companies track and respond to the social Web in real time. Read More
Really excellent list of twitter updates worth noting for. Read More
I was reading a post by Ryan Tate over at Valleywag this morning which lead in to posts by Edward Boches and Bob Knorpp where the common thread between them all being that we are all becoming a bunch of agreeable wishy washy Charlie Brown types. Now to clarify the parameters here; we are not talking about the perpetual idiots who do nothing more t Read More
Take one major global recession. Add slashed and gutted media and marketing budgets. Pour in a generous dose of traditional marketers groping for clients in a digital world. Finally, add social media marketing, for which both the cost and barrier-to-entry is near zero. Blend gently and presto -- social media carpetbaggers, in all flavors and colors Read More
But with rewards come risks. Reaching out to millions of consumers who thrive online around the clock requires an investment, a different type of thinking and some courage, says Petouhoff. She spent six months on a just-released report on monetization of social-media tools at 20 companies, including Lenovo and Intuit. Many companies — reflecting Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!