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A blog should be at the heart of every business’ marketing strategy. In this post I’ll look at how you can go about writing one that achieves your brand goals, keeps people coming back to read more AND increases sales.

So what makes a great business blog? Read More
There have never been more ways for consumers to express their opinions and to be heard. They are also a trusted source of information for many potential customers who are searching for your products/ services. Read More
Creating your social media profiles is the easiest part of any social media strategy. Getting people to actually engage with you via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and alike is where the real hard work starts. Read More
Your welcome email must be much than just a simple hello or confirmation of the order. This is your customer’s first window in to your business and the product they have bought, so it has to be a good one. From how it looks, to what it says and what it asks them to do, it all needs planning. Read More
We all know that Google uses links to rank websites for their search engine. However, knowing this, and being able to act on it are two completely different things altogether. What we want to know is how do we build these links? Read More
7 tips to follow if you find yourself in the unenviable position of finding one of your ads has been paused due to a poor quality score, or your quality score is dropping and you are paying more and more to maintain your average position. Read More
Feature fatigue occurs when a product has so many options and features that the user becomes overwhelmed and can’t face using them all. This can also be applied to your web copy, where there is so much content to read, and feature tables are so big site visitors can’t face reading it all. Here is h Read More
Keeping your brand fans happy should be right of the top of your thoughts, and ideally a specified aspect of your marketing plan with clear actions and goals. You should put in as much time and investment in cultivating them as you would planning a new sales promotion. Read More
Can you describe what Yahoo! is in five or less words? Can you define what the company stands for? Businesses diversify their product range; it’s a logical step to maintain growth. However, for successful companies, the core product still remains easily identifiable and defines who they are. Read More
Whilst large international or national events are often too expensive for small businesses, there are hundreds of much smaller events that I would argue are as equally, if not more, effective as a marketing channel than their larger counterparts. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!