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The topic of conversation of late at the Sales Bloggers Union has been on Retail Therapy. In a market where people aren't buying it is perhaps understandable to get disheartened when selling our products is so much harder. This article puts forward the idea that buying is in our nature and that deep down buying, for whatever purpose, makes us Read More
Have you noticed how we have less time to do everything? Decision makers in companies have less time and less patience so using up what little time you have by going on about your company or what you do is probably a bad idea. Some even have purchasing managers who are there to solve this problem... which poses a problem for the sales guy. How do Read More
Our ability to laugh and recognise humour in all situations is, I think, an important factor in humanising ourselves and enjoying what we do. This article celebrates a year of cartooning experiences and surreal thoughts on the sales world and looking forward to many more. Read More
When dealing with inputting systems into a company what is your thoughts on being trained? Some consider that because they are computer literate they shouldn't need training because a system should be easy to use... I agree, which is why training should be about using the system to help improve your sales process, practices and methodologies Read More
For too long sales forecasting inaccuracy has been argued away as being a part of the status quo. 'It's always been like that' is a common explanation. Finally, there appears to be a debate that centres around improving accuracy... however, how this is achieved is being keenly contested. At least there is a debate and we can now move on from Read More
With a little bit of cartoon doodling to illustrate the point, one of the issues in sales forecasting is the vicious cycle generated by managers and sales execs over forecast accuracy. Sort of like cat and mouse sales activity. Read More
Questioning is a great way of finding out about problems and building rapport but the temptation to jump in with the solutions straight away can undo all that hard work. Read More
Is there anything worse than a cold call from a salesman who doesn't know anything about your business? What about someone who claims to have researched it without having done so properly? Read More
A tongue in cheek post on sales qualification from the view point of a starship captain. How does one navigate new situations and act upon data that comes in about new qualifying the situation continuously. Read More
Do you think customer relationship management systems are a misunderstood theory? Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!