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Peer review is an efficient technique that adopts a collaborative approach towards problem-solving. With the assistance of this technique, you can gain a better insight into a subject matter when one delves into the task performed by another. Read More
Cross platform testing is used to check the applicability and working of an application across different platforms such as different operating systems, browsers or even devices. Read More
Fault Injection is a technique carried out in the software testing, which involves the injection or the introduction of the faults in the application, to measure its robustness. This task can be performed using the following two approaches:
Compile Time Fault
Run Time Fault Injection

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The software applications are being designed and developed, specifically, to function in different environment & domains such as desktop applications, client-server applications, and web applications.
To have a better view of the differences between these applications See full article.
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"Exhaustive testing is a process of software testing that helps the team of testers prevent any future system crashes or destructions, due to random inputs or load. Though impossible, exhaustive testing can somewhat be achieved with the help of the following tips:
Should have a documented requirem Read More
The oldest form of SDLC, Spiral Model, is an evolutionary type model, which works on the combined approach of the waterfall and iterative model. There are four phases followed repeatedly in each round of the spiral model:
Risk Analysis
Development & Test
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Regression Test Selection is a way of selecting the most appropriate test case to ensure that it delivers the correct result. To further understand its significance check out the following infographic. Read More
A part of configuration management, Baseline Artifact means updating the version number of the artifact document during the process of development. Read More
A type of testing technique, Storage Testing, checks whether there is sufficient space or memory in the database to store data or the information. It helps the team ensure the following:

Whether the data has to be stored or not.
Avoid unexpected termination due to lack of storage space.
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Interruptions affect the progress, continuity, and rhythm, attached to the work that degrades the quality of any software product. With the assistance of article learn how interruption testing ensures the quality of the software product. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!