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Apple, Google and Microsoft have been struggling for dominance for years, but they have reached the point where everyone wants a piece of their action. While they aren't in imminent danger of losing their position, they have a lot of upstarts nipping at their heels. As Cold Play once sang, "Revolut Read More
Many brands will spend tens of millions of dollars on Sunday night to deliver an ad most of us will forget about by the next day. Really smart companies don't want to preach to their users in expensive ads. They want to talk to them online in social media and get them engaged and excited about thei Read More
Research and informal observation suggest that younger people are increasingly leaving Facebook for other social networks. That means everything you think you know about social media marketing could be changing. What's next? Read More
I learned over the last couple of weeks that the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry ain't got nothing on iOS-Android-Windows Phone, and when you diss somebody's favorite phone or even just don't embrace it as completely as they do, they take it personally. As marketers you want that same kind of loyalty with Read More
Every company struggles with the social media ROI question, but SAP built their social presence from the ground up with the idea of tying the effort to making sales, which after all is the ultimate goal of every company, isn't it? Read More
Today the relationship between marketing and customers has been flipped upside down and the customer is firmly in charge. That means preaching to them isn't going to get you anywhere. You need to deliver them quality content in the context of what they're doing --and that's a huge challenge for org Read More
A speaker at the Gilbane Conference this week suggested it was time for a new marketing technologist role to bridge the gap between IT and marketing. As company technology strategy increasingly centers on marketing, it could be an important role. Read More
Anyone who sells to consumers knows that it's a different game these days. Consumers talk to one another. They don't like to be preached to or interrupted and they make more informed purchasing decisions, often bypassing sales altogether, but the same dynamic is in play for business buyers too. And Read More
It would seem that the best way to learn from your users about their needs would be to simply ask them, but experts suggest that people might have a hard time articulating what they need --or not even understand it. That's why it's better to watch them work, then build apps that improve that proces Read More
When you think of consumerization, you probably think it's employee-driven, but that isn't always the case. Sometimes it's driven by a forward thinking CIO --and when you start to change the way you do business, people are often threatened even when the change is clearly for the better. That's why Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!