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Jay Baer from Convince and Convert stops by the Content Warfare Podcast this week to discuss his new book Youtility and why the successful maketing of the future will actually be “Useful” to our audience. Useful marketing transcends the transaction giving consumers tools or resources they actually Read More
If you're currently using Google Plus to build authority online than you're aware of just how hot a topic Google Plus Comments are and the impact they could potentially have a blog that properly leverages them. Read More
As the story goes, Doctor Emmett Brown invented the flux capacitor from a vision he received in 1955, after slipping off his toilet while hanging a clock and subsequently bumping his head on the sink. Read More
Storytelling is embedded in our DNA. Before human beings were putting their stories on cave walls, they were passing along survival strategies through stories. Read More
Creating more content for your business or brand or mission has nothing to do with making time or coming up with new ideas. You simply have to write. Read More
Authenticity in professional content marketing is selling the human in your business to the humans buy from your business. Learn how here... Read More
In episode #25 of Content Warfare Podcast we answer my most frequently asked question; How do I create a Wordpress blog and what tools should I use? Read More
Every day we must fight to live a creative a life. That's according to Jeff Goins, world-class blogger, author of the book Wrecked. Listen here... Read More
You might as well wave your white flag of defeat and shut down your website if you’re not generating leads online. Learn about lead generation here... Read More
When content marketing works you've replaced interruption with integration, heavy sales pitches for education and one-time customers with lifelong partners... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!