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Do you want some good incoming links? Stay alert and write quickly as an opportunity shows up for you to be the groundbreaking journalist. This is how I did this and how it helped me! Read More
Want to secure your website? Sucuri is one of the leading providers of website security, but are they good? A Sucuri review based on personal experience. Read More
Today I fought with my style.css file. In the end I found that a minor change had to be made, and it had a great impact. That is in fact a principle true for life outside the blogging world as well! Read More
If you are a blogger with several social media profiles, sites and pages you need a tool to administer them. But, which tool should be used? In this review HootSuite and Buffer is compared. And the winner is... Read More
Time to get the Wordpress search widget back on your blog or website again. It just got much better with the latest Wordpress 3.7 update! Read More
Page Rank is getting less and less interesting. Updates are few, and maybe disappearing for good. Time to work to get visitors, and forget about the thing called Page Rank! Read More
Most bloggers live of advertisements in different ways. Some people get money from Google ads, from banners or for example from affiliate links. A question that many still have is whether or not affiliate links might harm the Google ranking of my blog? Read More
A blogger in need of inspiration? Get some good advices on how and where you can find new inspiration and get the motivation up for blog writing again! Read More
If you have a blog open for receiving guest posts you will for sure be contacted by lots of people who simply want a backlink and nothing else. Most of these are spammers, or at best "hidden seo-companies" trying to get quality links for their clients. Find out how to recognize such "spam" guest po Read More
Google Affiliate Network has just sent an email to all partners telling that the affiliate network is closing down. From July 31st no more activity will be tracked and as of October 31st the entire Affiliate Network will be history. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!