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What we’ve learned by looking at how to scale from $10 to $100m ARR based on in-depth research, statistics, and lessons learned from SaaS leaders.

According to Jason Lemkin, the most challenging phase of SaaS is the transition from initial traction ($1-$2m in AEE, 100% YoY growth, and 50% of n Read More
Change management processes revolve around communication, leadership, and adoption while dealing with resistance to change. It’s important, therefore, to structure change management processes in such a way to proactively deal with constraints that derive from the lack of acceptance.

Digital tr Read More
FREE WEBINAR feat Zuora's AMy Konary

In this webinar, you will hear from one of the leaders of the Subscribed Institute where she unveils the Subscription Business Maturity model, a brand new roadmap of the stages, critical measures, and actions required to drive growth, deliver ROI, and ensure Read More
We are spoiled software users!

How so?

Just a few years ago, using an application typically involved purchasing a licence, installing the application directly on a device from a CD or DVD, going through an extensive and boring setup process, reading some pdf manuals, and then slowly trying Read More
3 tips on how customer success can better align with product on customer feature requests to improve their customer relationship and customer retention
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A list of videos and resources from expert SaaS leaders on best practices, lessons learned, and growth hacks to put your SaaS company on the path to hypergrowth. Read More
No matter if you provide software, offer an online platform, or manage an online store: I’m quite sure you know how important onboarding is for the success of your business.

But how effective is your onboarding strategy?
Do you think you’ve got most of the steps in place to ensure that your use Read More

Join Userlane for a free webinar/interview with Principal of CS Leadership, Mark Pecoraro where we will hear firsthand insights on how to break barriers and exceed customer expectations with automation in customer success.

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Onboarding is the most important stage as it sets the stage for the future relationship that your customer will have with your product and brand.

How good is your UX when onboarding new users? Answer our questions to see your score.No email opt-in required to see your results. Read More
How to identify and resolve common issues that arise during the product development lifecycle and how you can improve collaboration between product and engineering.
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!