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Revenue-based SEO says you can get higher performance from revenue keywords by prioritizing landing pages that bring in buyers and then give buyers the signals and info they want to make a buying decision. Here's how... Read More
I get questions (or assumptions) like this regularly. If your goal is to get a better ranking with a new keyword rich domain name, please take my advice and reconsider. Read More
As an SEO consultant for more than a decade, I have found that these subtle techniques work well when applied to a clearly defined issue. Even one or two small changes could make a difference in the results you’re seeing. Read More
S/he might not be ready for your main offer, but you can make it easy to learn more about what you offer without asking them to invest a lot of time or money. What can they do? Read More
When you think about your business in terms of a clearly defined opportunity for those who are feeling pain, it aligns your business with the emotions of your ideal prospect – the first step to attracting your ideal prospect is an enticement to get more details. Read More
“Free” can be that strong reason to get people talking about your business. It may not go viral but it has the potential to build up a large audience of qualified prospects for your offer. Read More
Finding #4: “Paid search represents a bigger opportunity for traffic to your site on a mobile compared to desktop, especially if ad extensions are present." Read More
Keyword research is important but today searcher intent is key – the real reasons behind the search term. Most people have one or more of these four aims when searching: Informational, Research, Purchase or Navigational. Read More
Did you know that about 25% of your email database becomes redundant every year? In other words, if you did not gain a single new email signup for the next four years, you would be sitting on a completely useless email database. Here are a few ideas to keep expanding your email database...
Read More
My client's revenue nearly doubled within 3 months! In the upcoming webinar, I’ll be revealing the steps I took to turn this ecommerce site (and others) around. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!