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Customers (and prospects) are funny creatures.

1. They don't care about you
2. They don't care about your products
3. They don't care about your company

Imagine that! These odd beings only seem to be interested in making more money. Read More
“Work with those ready to be worked with.” Pretty simple advice. Pretty sound too. Especially when it comes to selling more faster. Read More
This whole scenario is what I'd label "Highly Memorable Experience." Something a customer exec will not soon forget. Something forever associated with a top-notch, highly valuable sales rep. Read More
I’ve heard ‘em all. Every reason why creating and maintaining an e-Rep is a great idea, but not for me because…

* I’m too busy
* I don’t know what to blog about
* I’m no tech whiz
* It’s too complex
* It’s too hard to learn how
* I’m a sales pro, not a techo-geek
Read More
The examples of e-Rep power and sales effectiveness just keep on coming.  Listen to this story about how a totally off-topic sales call turned into a win.  Read More

Take Action!!!

Take Action!!!  - Avatar Posted by tyoungbl under Sales
From 4315 days ago
Yes, I know it's a cliche, but it's always better to take action than it is to just think about taking action.  Another case in point... Read More
Every now and then I come across something that instantly makes me stop whining about my challenges and troubles. Makes me feel like a jerk for complaining about things. Read More

e-Rep Strikes Again!

e-Rep Strikes Again!  - Avatar Posted by tyoungbl under Sales
From 4345 days ago
Here’s the chronology:

* 11/25/04 – Initial telephone contact with company president
* 12/17/04 – The one and only face-to-face meeting (…with the president mainly, plus a brief conversation with the founder)
* 12/21/04 – Original proposal for a Sales Excellence Council
* 01/1 Read More
Are there gaps in your skill set? Well, of course there are. All of us have gaps. Some of them are not so harmful. Some of them though, need to get filled.

Are your technology skills up to snuff? Do you really know enough to create, deploy and effectively use an e-Rep? Read More
In his book, The Truth About Leads, Dan McDade writes, “Close to 80 percent of buyers state that when they are in the market for a solution (such as software or services), they found the vendor, not the other way around.” Let’s run that through our brains one more time… Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!