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When I was in business school, I thought management was easy. Organizational behavior, business statistics, finance, HR policies – no problem. When I took my first real job as a manager of a fast food restaurant, my perspective changed quickly. Read More
The experiment involved 5 monkeys, a cage, a banana, a ladder and, crucially, a water hose...
A story about organizational culture by Professor Freek Vermeulen. Read More
Do your leaders demand candid feedback or are people afraid to speak out against ideals that seem to have the blessings of those at the top of the organizational chart? Confrontation is uncomfortable, but if you are going to grow as a person then you have to be able to step out of your comfort zone Read More
Cognitive dissonance is a 'bad feeling' that arises from holding two conflicting beliefs, attitudes, etc. at one time.

For example, a manager’s belief that he/she is a "well-liked, reputable and respected manager who inspires employees to do their best” is dissonant with information that suggest Read More
Have you seen a manager who is highly skilled in technical areas but lacks empathy for others? Or the one who is highly people oriented, but easily loses the sight of goals?
If you are a manager at any level in the organization (or an aspiring one), here are some of the most critical skills you sh Read More
If long-term value creation has taken a backseat in your organization or personal life, this infographic is for you. Read More
They’re called Generation Y: people born between 1978 and 1994, and they’re rapidly climbing the business ladder. As more and more of them rise to entry level management positions, it’s increasingly important for upper management to understand how these young managers think in order to keep their i Read More
Many if not most organizations, at least on the surface, attempt to hire for excellence, but only as it is normally defined and interpreted. [...]

What is different, and secret, about Pixar's definition of hiring for excellence is their broader, more expansive view of excellence. Read More
“Am I missing something?” Why do I give achievements such precedence in my life? Does celebrating my little successes not put me on the ‘too much pride’ spectrum instead of on the ‘walk by faith’ path (…that I should be on?). Not so.

As a matter of fact, success means different things to differe Read More
Quitting your job is not something most employees would consider doing in light of today’s weak job market. Fewer still would choose to hand over their two week’s notice to the accompaniment of a marching band. And yet, this is exactly what one hotel employee recently did as seen in the aptly title Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!