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Video Marketing will be essential for your Hotels existence in 2020.

This is a harsh and brutal reality.

By 2020 the customer experience is trending to overtake the pricepoint as the most important aspect of the decision process.

Customers will no longer compa Read More
Hotels today need to find new ways to interact with customers that have engaged with them in one way or another.

Data has shown us that customer intent is 90% on point when it comes down to making a reservation with a given hotel.

But still many hotels experience a large p Read More
Going away for the holidays? Whether you’re taking a trip to see the relatives, going on a road trip with your family, or flying solo for some much-needed decompression, you’re not going to have a restorative trip if you create enough vacation stress to override the relaxation factor. Vacation shou Read More
The hospitality business has always been a competitive one. Now, with the arrival of platforms like Airbnb; hotels, lodges and guesthouses alike will have to up their game even further to stand out.

Whether your establishment caters for 5 or 500 guests, we take a look at innovative way Read More
From keyless room entry to online booking, automation has been assisting hotels large and small for decades. The convenience and experience of this advanced technology continue to raise the bar of guest expectations.

Guests look for ease and quality when booking hotels. Whether you’re Read More
TripAdvisor tells us that traveler reviews remain a go-to source for information.

Research shows that;

95% of travelers trust online reviews
85% of travelers read up to 10 reviews
78% of claims reviews help them feel more confident in their decisions
And Read More
Is your hotel committed to supporting families that care for a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)?

Even though ASD is protected by The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) we still see reports from families running into major challenges with hotels that have not taken actions to Read More
Today customer experiences represent a holistic approach through a growth mindset that connects systems, data, and teams to create a seamless and personalized customer experience from one hotel brand’s reference point to the next.

As hoteliers, we have to understand the customer experi Read More
Every hospitality brand must work on improving their company culture. If your staff are happy, their job satisfaction will feed into their work and interactions with your guests.

If, however, they are unhappy in their role, it could lead to low productivity and a poor customer service Read More
In the era, where older generations think in terms of hotels and car rentals, and millennials think traveling in terms of Airbnb and Uber, hoteliers can no longer serve the best interest of their guests only through conventional means. And that splashes of digitalization have also been felt by the Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!