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There are certain qualities that many successful people possess. Whether your goal is working your way up to the top position in your company or achieving a good balance between your work and personal life, there’s certain qualities that will get you there. Read More
The internet is vast, we all know that. The stats referring to the amount of data uploaded daily, hourly, by the minute and, indeed, per second are difficult to believe.
The sheer amount of data available is a game changer in how we live and learn, but tapping into its power is sometimes difficult Read More
There are countless articles and tutorials dotted round the internet (including a few written by me) about the importance of a ‘good’ profile photo.
They all tell a story about the how the perfect image of yourself will get you your dream job, noticed in your field or help you to gain followers.
Read More
Forty percent of employees who left their jobs voluntarily in 2013 did so within six months of starting in the position, according to data recorded and processed by the work-force insights arm of credit-reporting agency Equifax*. Why do new hires quit in the early stages of employment with a new em Read More
With 43% of recruiters saying that the image portrayed by a candidate on social media has led to a job offer it’s more important than ever to take what you share via social media seriously.
Although professional networks such as LinkedIn are the dominant target for recruiters when it comes to sour Read More
We all know that exercising complete focus will help us to achieve our goals. In our connected world can we clear our mind and truly focus on the tasks at hand?

Yes. Here’s how. Read More
There’s a few things that every adult should learn naturally when growing up. Unfortunately, we all know someone who doesn’t seem to have managed to get to grips with some, if not all, of them. Below are 5 life skills that you should have learned by now. Read More
Positive thinking improves wellness, productivity and morale. Just one positive influence in an office changes the environment for the better, so imagine the impact of culture which naturally encourages and inspires positive thinking and actions. Here’s how you can help to create a culture of posit Read More
There are little ways that you can easily adjust your behavior to improve your productivity motivation, personal brand, career prospects and be a better you. The best bit is that they can all be done today, easily and without too much effort! Read More
In a study by the University of Washington across 149 employee-supervisor relationships, it was found that employees who started work earlier in the day were rated by their supervisors as more conscientious, and thus received higher performance ratings. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!