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Keeping up o date and informed about the world of Human Resources isn’t easy. With the plethora of sub topics such as employee engagement, leadership, employer branding, diversity and talent attraction it’s difficult to know where to start! Luckily there are a number of ‘magazines’ on Flipboard tha Read More
Encouraging your employees to exercise isn’t simply about keeping them fit and healthy, there are also a number of other benefits, both for the employee and you as the employer. Read More
With the rise in remote working it’s inevitable that telephone interviews will increase as a standard stage in the recruitment process. Without the visual advantages we all take for granted during face to face conversations, how can you give yourself the best chances of acing that all important tel Read More
HR are often underappreciated as a forward thinking and proactive function within a business. This isn’t, or shouldn’t, be true. With some pre-planning, forward thinking and effort, HR can become a power-house in driving change where it matters. Read More
It seems as though every career and business blog includes an article related to managing the ‘work/life balance’.
The benefits this will lavish on your wellbeing and career are apparently abundant.
The problem is that our careers are part of life and not a separate entity. The sooner we realise, Read More
Working remotely is a normal practice for the majority of businesses around the world. With reported benefits including increased productivity, cost savings and employee morale it’s hard to understand why some companies are still resisting letting their workers telecommute.
Maybe the below statist Read More
The internet’s become the number one information resource for pretty much everything in our personal and professional lives. When it comes to HR priorities, there’s a number of great sites and individuals who can provide tips, tricks and best practices regarding a number of key HR priorities. Read More
Getting noticed by your employer (or recruiters) doesn’t have to take hours of painstaking profile optmisation, a strict dress code or behaving like a hybrid version of the person described in the hundreds of career psychology blog posts . There are ways, that only take a few minutes of your time a Read More
‘TED‘ is the place to go on the internet (or in person) to watch to industry leaders present their ideas and to read articles from thought leaders around the world.
Presentations on TED are often groundbreaking in their thinking and many have become the cornerstone of the principles used by busine Read More
Employee engagement is the result of a number of key factors, all of which business leaders need to encourage and nurture. Businesses can’t force a culture in which employees are happy to advocate their brand. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!