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Channel letter signs provide an effective way to advertise your business and attract the attention of passersby. How to make the best use of them for various types of businesses. Read More
There are literally hundreds of business brokers and other intermediaries who assist business owners with the sale of their businesses. And having the "right" broker can make a huge difference to the price obtained. But how do you find the right broker for YOUR business? Read More
There are four basics an owner should address before beginning any exit, succession or transition plan. They are Valuation, Distance to Goal, Prospective Buyers and Professional Team. Value is the starting point for all transition planning. Any decision, any business plan, and every retirement Read More
How long does it take to open a franchise? In this post, The Franchise King® tells you (via video) how long it takes to open your franchise business. Read More

Clever Ways To Deal With All Late Payments

Clever Ways To Deal With All Late Payments  - Avatar Posted by SPCowan under Finance
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As a business owner or entrepreneur you may face periods of financial difficulty, here are some clever ways to deal with your late payments. Read More
If you are looking to understand or create a profit and loss statement, then have a look at this page containing resources you can use right now Read More
One of the most important administrative tasks you need to do for working from home is applying for business insurance. So, which ones do you need, exactly? Read More
As with any marketing, the copy is extremely important. And even savvy marketers who are great at writing copy for products get the copy drastically wrong when it comes to selling the business itself. Find out the mistakes they make (and which you need to avoid). Read More
Valuations may be massaged, but you'll rarely have a business buyer or investor pay you today for what your company might be worth in five years. Convertible bonds can help. Read More
Obtaining funds to finance the growth of an SME is a constant challenge in the lives of entrepreneurs; finding the funding you need for your small business has never been a simple task. It gets even worse if the current economy shows very poor growth and stagnation of consumer consumption. Therefor Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!