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If you travel a lot for business, you could potentially benefit from learning another language or two. There are plenty of language learning software programs out there that provide lessons and translation information to help you pick up key phrases and concepts. Read More
The weakest part of any network isn’t some tool in the data center or some device on the wire. No, it’s the people who are logging in. We’ve said it repeatedly here, and as long as people keep providing us with examples to cite then we’ll keep saying it over and over. The latest example comes out o Read More
Business brokers (and other intermediaries who sell businesses) have a dismal success rate - most of the businesses they take on will never get sold. But averages are deceptive. Some business brokers have a 100% success rate and others less than 5%. Why the disparity? Read More
Small businesses on the rise typically face a few pivotal points as they grow—not the least of which is deciding to turn their accounting over to a professional. An accountant can be an invaluable partner for the future of a business, so it’s important to choose whom you entrust your finances to ca Read More
TechCrunch sheds some light on how a VC deal is negotiated. The terms that come up during the discussion and the various valuation related issues that arise are often a great mystery to many entrepreneurs and founders.

In this article (they) look at perspectives from both sides of the table... Read More

Role of Technology in Raising Business Funds

Role of Technology in Raising Business Funds  - Avatar Posted by sravkum under Raising Capital
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Technology is playing a vital role in the 21st century, especially in the field of business where innovative entrepreneurs from various backgrounds are provided with opportunities to raise money or draw funds to initiate businesses at micro level. Read More
These 65 experts share what they feel the benefits and challenges are to being a solopreneur today, and, more importantly, they share some very actionable solutions to those challenges! Read More
The new era of highly connected and interactive technology is changing not only how business employees interact with customers, but also how they interact with each other, and with their company. I am happy to see reports that young companies are leading the way in these trends, on both the custome Read More

The Difference Between Google Adwords and Facebooks Ads

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If you are new to online advertising and trying to decide whether to use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, then this video is for you. We discuss both Google Adwords and Facebook Ads and all of the differences between to two and how each platform works. Read More
You represent your brand, but if your brand doesn’t offer anything to the public, you’re not likely to attract customers. It needs value. Fortunately, your brand most likely began with a good idea, and it can provide real value to clients. The trick is communicating that to your audience and being Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!