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The answer might seem "Yes!" There seems to be a finite limit to the subjects we have to work with...

Find out how Elizabethan-Era English poofy dresses and Bob's Big Boy can help!

A serious, whacky and irreverant look at the question: "Are Business-Bloggers Running Out of Things to Blog About?" Read More
It's the EPITOME of businesses, marketing and advertising gurus everywhere. It's the apex of branding...having a company catchphrase become part of the national lexicon, language and culture.

In 1980s America, two companies hit the JACKPOT thanks to two great catchphrases and two little old ladies Read More
There's an old adage that "The Customer Is Always Right!" But, de-facto, that means that we as businesspeople are ALWAYS WRONG!

It's a policy that makes a mockery of us as business-owners, professionals and human-beings! Ir takes away our rights and dignity!

So, what's the answer Read More
Japanese soldier Hiroo Onoda spent 29 years of his life thinking WWII was still raging...and he fought on! Perhaps never in modern history has an episode contained so much misinformation, miscommunication and ignorance of "The Writing on the Wall!"

Business lessons from this historical episode abound.. Read More
How important is sharing small business news with your network of connections and what are the best ways to go about it? (This applies to BizSugar members, of course, but also to anyone else who uses social media.) Sharing small business news or other information of value is a form of marketing whether you realize it or not. See also the video from Greg Fry of Bloggertone, whose posts appear regularly here on in this latest edition from our BizSugar blog. Read More
He's not your usual rocker! He's highly-educated, hosts TV and radio shows. And...he's a fully licensed airline pilot.

When the band tours, it is he to whom the band turns to as pilot. Enjoy the video Read More
Two decades ago, USA Today shattered the mold of what a newspaper could be. Bright images. Great graphs and graphics. Bold colors. And, in addition to great content...much more! And in the process, it transformed the industry and smashed the competition.

The impact of this sweeping change has implications and repercussions for your blog Read More

5 Signs Your Web Designer Knows Nothing About SEO

5 Signs Your Web Designer Knows Nothing About SEO - Avatar Posted by alastair under Online Marketing
From 4512 days ago
Made Hot by: yoni67 on July 21, 2010 7:15 pm
This is a bit of a rant and it is funny but there is a serious point. Every web designer out there seems to claim to do SEO these days. We all come across companies daily who thought their designer was going to "SEO" their site. Can you spot an SEO in that crowd? Do you know why you might need to Read More
One of those things that needs to be seen to be believed!

Yes, "necessity is the mother of invention" in business. And the invention of two Texas college chicks is poised to save lives in the third-world Read More
As workers, are there benefits to procrastination? Can something good come from putting things off?

There is a certain personality type that WAITS for inspiration to strike and THRIVES under pressure! Are you one Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!