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The Fitness Industry pulls in BILLIONS each year.

But who are they selling their products to?

The life and well-being of your little old granny may hinge on the answer!!! Read More
Hundreds dead! 100s of Millions of dollars in settlements.

It would have cost Ford less than $10 to make the Pinto safe.

Think you don't need to test your product before selling it? Read More
Dickensonian. Draconian.

A reality in many countries until the 19th Century.

Would you take a chance of building your dream business if it could land you in prison? Read More
No need to hide like Ferris Bueller!

Refreshing the pyschological batteries: It's a concept I learned long ago, and no doctor's note needed!

This blog post has been approved by Sigmund Freud! Read More
5 Whimsical, Satirical and very Serious steps I'm taking in 2011 to make my business green and become more responsible.

I'm doing them because it's right.

I'm doing them to make Al Gore shut up! Read More
Often in the world of Business we fall into the trap of judging books by their covers.

Let's say Dolph Lundgren, co-star of Rocky IV came to you to apply for a job. "What can that muscular, dumb jock bring to my business?"

How about a 160 I.Q., a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering and a F Read More
I've decided to spill ALL of the beans in this article. Here is the sum-total of all that I have learned in my 16 months of Biz-Blogging. 35 things to transform a business blog into a client-magnet

Now I'm FUC%ING exhausted and I'm going to bed!

Read More
This is a pretty straightforward SEO Tip. If you are thinking about one of those free Flash websites maybe you should think again. Flash websites cause a number of serious problems for your SEO. Here are some of them... Read More
1938-1945...WWII. Fighting and death on a global scale.

Unprotected American bombers fly deep into German airspace toward their targets. They are decimated.

Enter the P-51 Mustang. A long-range escort fighter which helps win air-superiority. In BUSINESS, flying solo can often be a detriment. Read More
Genetically speaking they have the same DNA.

So why does one build skyscrapers in Manhattan while the other serves burgers and fries in a small-town American diner? Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!