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A mere three years ago Boris Sokolov and Peter Ivanov launched Microweber (

They started with three employees, but today have grown the concept to over 12,000 registered users and growing by leaps and bounds.

They estimate Microweber installations at around 40,000 and in Read More
The prevailing wisdom in the group is that it takes years to grow a blog to any respectable level. These are highly respected bloggers, and they are not wrong. Posting once a week or twice a week, and hanging the post out there on the internet, hoping Google will shower you with some love, is a slo Read More
We’ve all heard the term “less is more”. And we’ve been told this applies for landing pages too. I.e. your forms should be short and only ask for only the bare minimum of required information if you want to convert. Read More
Every industry consumes digital marketing in a different manner and HVAC industry is no different. For HVAC marketing to work, you must ditch the yellow pages, postcards and direct mails. Read More
Content marketing is a tool that anyone can use.

It can be niche specific.

It can be in any format imaginable.

It can also be absolutely free.

But not everything about creating content is easy.
Read More
User experience is the heart of any successful eCommerce business and is directly tied to non-functional requirements; which are extremely critical.

Nonfunctional requirements are just as critical as functional features of any eCommerce website. NFRs ensure the usability and effectiveness of the Read More
Learn how to write a good blog post in the least time possible. Tips include knowing your keyword beforehand, knowing your audience, spend time researching, and more.
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Case studies may not get a lot of respect but they are a valuable marketing and sales assets that showcase the success of customers. This post walks you through how to create good case studies. Read More
In order to run a sustainable business, you need to make sure that the potential new users who sign up for your service are able to quickly and clearly understand why they should keep using your product. Read More
What is a Backlink?

Is it related to SEO? Is there something like a good backlink? What should you do to create a good backlink?

If you are researching on SEO, you might have heard about backlinks. Both these concepts are related. Backlinks play an important role to increase traffic to your s Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!