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A recent Facebook study aimed to determine (1) what creative elements help video ads stand out in mobile feed, and (2) what keeps people engaged with video ads in mobile feed. Here are some of the key findings... Read More
How can your organization show up in search results at key moments to give potential customers what they need? Here are some valuable tips to help you reach your audience during critical mobile searches. Read More
Unicode 9, set to be released on June 21, will include a whopping 72 new emojis—ranging from faces and foods to animals and activities. Check out our 10 favorite new emojis so you can start planning for the perfect moments to unleash them on your friends and loved ones. Read More
From "systematic" and "dynamic" to "leverage" and "low hanging fruit", your organization can safely eliminate this jargon from its vocabulary. Read More
This is a question a lot of companies ask. Here's the definitive answer to how often you should make updates to your site, and how often you should do a full redesign. Read More
Upcoming tweaks to Twitter will enable users to include more content and images, and engage in more conversations. That's good news for social marketers. Read More
The Squatty Potty's "pooping unicorn" video went viral and boosted online sales 600%. Inspired by that video, here are three techniques for marketing around challenging subject matter you can apply to your own marketing. Read More
Most marketing emails get deleted with a quick tap on a smartphone or caught in the spam filter. So the big question for brands is... In our current era of email marketing overload, what can you do to get your emails not only opened but read, clicked and shared as well? Read More

14 Visual Social Marketing Stats and Insights

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From Facebook to Twitter to YouTube, here are some useful insights that can help inform your social marketing strategy moving forward. Read More
Here's four good reasons you should be at least testing out Facebook ads—and seven ways you can target your ads to see the best results. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!