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While connected TVs aren’t in every living room yet, the rise of ‘second screen’ applications and platforms means that watching TV is certainly a lot more interactive than it used to be. In fact, a recent Nielson study showed that 88 percent of tablet owners and 86 percent of smartphone users in th Read More
Web engagement inbox tool Engagio is launching to the public today and announcing a $540k round of seed funding. The seed funding is led by Rho Ventures with participation from Real Ventures, Extreme Venture Partners and individual investors including Fred Wilson and Mike Yavonditte. The tool, a Gm Read More
Most startup founders come up with the idea first, and the name comes from a brainstorming session or list of available domain names. Disqus founder Daniel Ha decided to build his business a different way by starting with the name first. Read More
Carley Roney’s company was inspired by a proposal. Not a business proposal though, a marriage proposal. It was 1993 when Roney got engaged to her now-husband and business partner. They were as excited like any other couple, but quickly realized the resources available at the time couldn’t help. Read More
Hooman Radfar says entrepreneurs need three things to succeed: persistence, persistence, persistence. “The world of entrepreneurship is a world of no’s. No, I don’t want to invest. No, I don’t want to buy your product. No, you can’t do it,” says the founder of Clearspring. “The most successful entr Read More
When a business changes directions the tendency is to call it a pivot. Bruce Croxon is the co-founder of Lavalife, the popular online dating site which started out as a phone-based classifieds site. He says when it comes to his business, pivot isn’t the right word – it’s all about evolution. “For u Read More

Your First Startup

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Why navigate your first startup alone when you can learn from people who have been there, done that? Sprouter’s founder/CEO Sarah Prevette recently provided her advice for first-time entrepreneurs at Montreal’s Startup Festival. She shares her experiences building several startups, including a Star Read More
If you’re not in Silicon Valley, chances are you won’t run into a VC on your morning Starbucks run. It can be difficult to get introductions to potential investors when you’re in a startup community that isn’t teeming with them. So what’s the best way to get in touch? Every investor seems to have t Read More
Non-technical entrepreneurs are constantly on the hunt for a technical co-founder. Former Digg Creative Director and Milk co-founder Daniel Burka says he constantly hears from people who have the ‘greatest idea ever’ and they want to know how to get it built. Read More
There are going to be times that reek of impending doom, where the stress is overwhelming and the choices all seem terrible. It’s easy to get disheartened when things are low, but you can’t let yourself give in. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!