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Can My Business be Carbon Neutral?

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Have you thought about the impact your business has on the environment? Here's an introduction to going carbon neutral Read More
You might not think a modern small business owner can learn anything from the Renaissance Festival. But if you look closer, you'll see that all those stores are independent small businesses -- and with most RenFests getting an average of 15,000 visitors per day, there's a lot of pressure to be better than the next guy selling ear-rings made out of feathers, or cell-phone covers made out of leather and deer antler Read More
The idea of going into business with a spouse can sound perfect, after all what can be better than working with your partner in life. But it can be tricky business, we've seen many couples try to be business partners only to find their finances and their relationship can't survive the shift. So to help couples navigate through a husband and wife venture, we have put together some tips to making a spousal business work Read More
The very day an entrepreneur starts a business, we can predict that one of three things will happen with the business, in time: The owner will close the business. The owner will sell the business. Or the owner will have a family member take over the business. Here's what you can do now to make your life easy in the futu Read More
Laura Lippay, the former Technical Marketing Director at Yahoo! Media talks candidly with about SEO--why it's more than just a "code thing" and why you shouldn't drink the SEO Kool Aid Read More
You need money to run a business. In addition to looking under rocks, here are ten places to finance your endeavors, and why you should never ever dip into the piggy bank you store your payroll taxes i Read More
Different website design styles affect the cost of your project. It is important to estimate cost of web design work to charge customers fair rates. Here you will learn to set web design prices Whether your website design project is very complex or just a simple site Read More
Whether you've conducted performance reviews before or not, here are some things to consider so you don't encounter any surprises. It can be more nuanced than you thin Read More
It's been said that you don't buy a franchise to get rich, you do it to get the experience of running a business. Really? Before you invest a dime, here's an overview of what your life is about to involve, including supply chains, royalties, disclosures, and contrac Read More
What’s your business marketing message? What do you tell your customers about your company, what it does, and why they should do business with you?

Here are seven steps you can take to develop a marketing message that grabs the attention of your customers, speaks to them, and promotes action Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!