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If you’re like most companies wondering about making a serious move to the Cloud, you’re probably struggling to find and choose the right cloud-based applications that meet the exact needs of your business.

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Online marketing was like the wild wild west until Google came along. Why, you ask? Given the scale and complexity of the worldwide web, it was hard to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Science was absent and marketers pretty much tried all sorts of tricks to get audiences to their webpages. Read More
Do you remember “Video killed the radio stars?” This song has been stuck in my head for quite some time.

For those who haven’t heard it, the song is about radio being overwhelmed by the video in the early 1980s as the preferred medium for news and entertainment.

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By now, most of you must have heard about the recent outage at Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud service. The outage, which caused headlines because it brought down major websites and application providers running on AWS, surprised analysts in the cloud Read More
This SaaS model has intrigued many in the SMB market and new data by Spiceworks found that IT spending is on the rise with a steady growth in cloud computing. The enthusiasm for SaaS was not embraced immediately by everyone. In early 2010, Spiceworks discovered that while such technologies as “vir Read More
Results and comments from a new joint study by the SMB Group/CRM Essentials called “2011 Small and Medium Business Social Business Study,” that surveyed 750 SMB decision-makers regarding their use, plans and perceptions about social media.

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A series of two articles giving 14 tips to small businesses on how to write business proposals efficiently, using proposal writing software Read More
As a small business owner you expect your business to grow and you need to deal with a variable activity load. As an entrepreneur you are probably looking to move CapEx to OpEx, or you don’t have technology expertise in-house. Then the cloud offers real value and can save up to 40% of your IT costs Read More

Small Business Tax Write Offs: Your Car Expenses

Small Business Tax Write Offs: Your Car Expenses - Avatar Posted by James John under Legal
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There are a number of tax write offs possible for your car expenses, especially if you are self-employed or own and operate a small business for which you regularly use your vehicle. Learn more about legal tax write offs of automobile expenses in this great article and please share it with a friend Read More
Social networking is the new business card — or is it?  These days the buzz around social networking is that all businesses — especially small businesses with limited marketing and promotion budgets — should engage in social networking.  The question is, can they be truly beneficial to a small busi Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!