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Today I am gonna tell you about most trending tools for today's Founders. Hope you all will like it. Read More
Corporate social responsibility is the principle that organizations should care about social, environmental, and economic problems. ISO 26000 is a set of guidelines designed to help navigate CSR. Read More

Seeking Scale? It’s About People, Not Process

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New York City’s yellow cabs are a universal symbol of urban transportation. A person stepping to the curb, raising their hand, and hailing a taxi is an internationally recognized image of New York’s speed — and convenience. Visitors and New Yorkers alike know the reality isn’t quite as glamorous: p Read More
Customer churn is a concept used to describe how well or poorly a company keeps hold of the customers it acquires – how many stop paying vs how many become long-term customers.
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When recruiting employees for technical roles, you are dealing with some of the most sought-after employees in the current job market. The onboarding process has the same main goals but you will be dealing with a special kind of people who are looking for a great employee experience. Read More
Humans are unrivaled as the most complex and important component of any business.

We are the creators of ideas and are able to make them a reality in the world of commerce through a collaborative effort. Yes, of course, we can get things done on our own, but scaling a business requires a joint e Read More
The average benchmark for a good time-to-response is around 60 minutes. Read some good reasons why your support load is too high and learn how to fix it now. Read More
Every ‘emerging marketing trends’ list has one thing in common- the dilemma of choice for marketers. And frankly, we understand if you get a bit confused with so many options flying around.
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Almost two thirds of companies that have piloted sales enablement programs and seen positive ROI attribute the success to software; according to a study by CSO Insights, 62% of organizations view tools as the top priority investment in sales enablement. Read More
Offboarding a team member is never easy.

Relationships aside, the logistics of making sure that the ex-employee isn’t a security risk, their old tasks are accounted for and covered, and that there will be someone to take their place (with the appropriate training) is a tall order to meet.
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!