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When attempting to brand (or rebrand) yourself, you must take advantage of all the resources at your disposal. This means advertising on various mediums, creating a website that’s aesthetically pleasing and navigable, and using social media to your advantage. Social media marketing represents a new Read More
Your newsletter subscribers are so valuable. These people have let you into their world by giving you permission to fill their inbox. I respect that relationship and I want to utilize the best tools on the market to deliver the value I have promised. Read More

Small Business & Video Marketing �

Small Business & Video Marketing � - http://blog.newhorizons123.com Avatar Posted by JulieWeishaar under Social Media
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This is a story of SURVIVAL, FAITH, AND PERSEVERANCE. I have put it in the social media category because I am hoping the power of social media will work to help promote an amazing woman and a VERY IMPORTANT CAUSE. The woman is Sylvia Ramsey, an author and bladder cancer survivor (as well as a survi Read More
In this episode of the brand new Blog Marketing Podcast (formerly known as the Business Blogging Podcast), I get into some quick and easy productivity tips to get the most out of the Profitable ebook project. Read More
Just last week, Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land reported the latest Google algorithm update which targets ad heavy websites. As Google’s official blog post announcing the page layout algorithm says, the update affects “… sites where there is only a small amount of visible content above-th Read More
From the starting blocks, you pick your mark and target your content to suit.

Problem is…in those lonely early stages its really hard to gauge if you’re hitting the bulls-eye or not. So you tend not to worry too much about who’s looking, just that people are looking…right? Read More
Podcasting is one of the many vehicles we can use to get our message across to our audience of readers, listeners, clients and customers. If you’re a regular visitor here you probably know about my YouTube channel, but it might come as a surprise to you that I’ve been podcasting for almost two year Read More
In days gone past villages needed to make sure that water was abundant. So they made sure they dug wells that were in the right place, deep and could supply the water that was needed. When you are developing your marketing strategy the same principles apply.And here are 2 areas to consider. Read More

Social Media Trends With Benefits in 2012

Social Media Trends With Benefits in 2012 - http://www.marketingprofs.com Avatar Posted by ricoramiro under Marketing
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The integration of social media and business has come of age: 38% of CEOs now label it a high priority, and 57% of businesses plan to hike their social media spend in 2012 (Booz Allen/Buddy Media). Read More
Numerous businesses can use iPad and OnSpot Social to get more Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, and customer email addresses. Here's how to do it in your store. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!