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Running a startup is hard, but there's not doubt that all of us need to learn new things every day.
Reading business books is one of those options that's really affordable and possible to plan.
Check out 4 best business books that will really help your business. Read More
It costs 5 to 25 times as much to attract a new customer than to keep one, and that's why it's so important to build a close relationship with your customers.

Let's see those 7 tips to create loyal customers for your small business.
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Freelancers often tend to pass on the paperwork.
However you need to make sure that you know about these 3 most important finance documents. Read More
A lot of people doubt if Quora's such a great instrument when it comes to promoting business.
Check out these 3 proven ways to use it right and increase your sales. Read More
Looks like all the small businesses are enjoying fall and getting ready for the new season.

Let’s check this week’s news for businesses and freelancers in our Friday roundup. Read More
There are a lot of things to consider before starting your own business, like writing a business plan and securing the necessary capital to finance your new idea.

Let’s discuss you possible options to gather the required finances to fund your start-up.
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Small business owners have to wear a lot of hats, especially right in the beginning of their career.
Being organized is one of the keys to become successful, and here are the best tips on how you can do it. Read More
More than two weeks of September are over, and the US have already suffered from two major hurricanes.
Let's take a look at our Friday small business and freelancing roundup. Read More
Being a small business owner means having a lot of responsibilities, and sometimes one of them is being your own accountant.
Check out these accounting mistakes that can hurt your small business. Read More
LinkedIn is great to find clients if you're working in B2B, or building a personal brand.
Use these 5 tips to become a LinkedIn star. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!