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Smartsheet, an online project management and collaboration tool, offers a host of work management apps for users. Read on for more information on Smartsheet. Read More
Networking for Business: Tip from Magnolia Jazz Band, entertaining at weddings & parties in San Francisco Bay Area & San Jose. Early Bird Discount. Read More
Zoning laws regulate how land and property can be used, and they are designed for the common good. Typical zones include residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and recreational. However, there are circumstances where a conditional use permit or a variance may be granted... Read More
What's your real job title? Are you brave enough to make it happen?

The way jobs work is simple. We meet an employer, agree to their job title and description, and then make ourselves fit to their expectations and functions. Jobs are given and taken based on titles and descriptions, and really, Read More
As strange as it sounds, the vast majority of merchants from the Internet Retailer's Top 500 list do not have mobile websites. The list includes major retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond, Coach, Dillard's and Ann Taylor, and multiple others. Even of the four largest U.S. mobile operators only Verizo Read More
Created by a group of software developers hoping to make life easier (and less expensive) for the small business owner, The Small Business Web runs on the belief that Web apps are more valuable when they integrate and work together. If your business is looking for a tool from accounting to ecommerc Read More
Are you looking for employees, part-timers or even freelancers to help your small business carry its workload? Whatever option you’re considering, there’s one way of finding good workers that works great: using referrals.
Read More
Time management training is the most important skill, because your time is limited

In order to succeed, you must add the most value per hour that you can.

In our society; one that is based upon the principle of TRADE: (meaning “a mutual exchange of values), the degree add value to others, is Read More
Don’t let the audience size fool you. Even though Twitter only has 175 million registered users compared to Facebook’s 600 million plus registered users there’s still plenty of opportunity here to create a loyal following for your business. Too many times we see individuals and companies jump onto Read More
For the past two weeks, I've needed to take an unplanned sabbatical from the Frugal Entrepreneur to focus on my family. While away, I spent some time thinking about the blog and evaluating my progress. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!