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Is it because small business owners are intimidated by social media tools? Is it because they don't believe social media works? Is it because they don't think they have enough time? All three excuses are unfounded. Here's why. Read More
Gmail is changing its look in order to line up aesthetics with Google +. Get a first look here. This is a link to the official Google/Gmail blog. Read More
With almost 40,000 followers and a viral effect that makes ebola look tame, 6 convincing tweets made it out to the social media sphere and weren’t caught by Fox News people for 10 hours. Why? Read More
Bringing in an in-house expert to handle your SEO is a great way to make sure your SEO campaign is both effective and strategically aligned with the rest of your marketing efforts. An in-house employee is going to know your business, your brand and your goals better than just about anyone. You get Read More
It takes a lot of time and effort to build a robust online presence using inbound marketing strategies like SEO, blogging, social media, article marketing, and opt-in email newsletter distribution. In some cases it may even take years to see the results that you want to see. Once those results fina Read More
Social Media is having it’s own trial by fire. In one of the largest social media trials to date, the Casey Anthony trial in Florida has literally consumed the internet and now her acquittal is the talk of the town. Read More
Sometimes making small changes in your business can be big.Today’s entrepreneurs seem to be hyper-focused on the home run; creating the next big thing. It may not have to be a big change to work.
Could one little tweak do the job? Read More
QR codes allow businesses to provide all kinds of information when and where a customer needs it. Here are 3 ways to start using QR codes to get more customers. Read More
Planning is the most crucial aspect of any size of business. Whether you are an owner of large business or a small business organization, if the planning portion is underestimated, then you can end up with your business with lots of troubles in the future. Read More

Is Google +1 a Social Bookmarking Tool?

Is Google +1 a Social Bookmarking Tool? - Avatar Posted by splatforms under Products and Services
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Made Hot by: James John on July 13, 2011 11:42 pm
Google’s code blog had an interesting post last month on +1′ing their API Docs in order to help programmers remember valuable information. It didn’t receive a lot of coverage – the +1 button hasn’t been placed on a lot of sites yet and the post was directed at people who code with Google’s API’s. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!