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You know that you can tag other business Pages on Facebook. (It's a strategy that I always recommend.) But have you ever wondered if your own Page is being tagged by others? Unfortunately, Facebook's notifications leave a little to be desired... Read More
Things are always changing over at Facebook. For the last little while, there were some “best practices” recommended to small business owners such as like-gating or click-baiting. Well, you can now throw those out the window!
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While it’s essential to set goals and have dreams, it’s a fine line between motivation and ceaseless wanting. As a small business owner, it’s important to be conscious of this. And to appreciate and say THANK YOU for what you do have. Read More
Small business owners tend to care about much more than just money; they are passionate about what they do and have started their biz to share their special gift with the world. And it’s this love that can sometimes make pricing a bit of a tricky issue. Thinking it's time to adjust those figures? Read More
Have you noticed on Facebook where a Business Page has liked their own post and thought that was a bit odd? Or maybe made a confusing comment on their post? It's because one of the page administrators meant to interact as themselves THE PERSON, but did so as THE PAGE. This is super easy to avoid! Read More
One of my favourite things about traveling is all the opportunities to support small business. So I thought I'd share the small town small business experience in Lake Waskesiu, Saskatchewan... inspiration for a small biz centered world. Read More
As a small business owner, you can be affronted with tons of comparison traps. Perhaps some online guru made you feel like a failure, or maybe it's that negative little voice inside your head. As entrepreneurs, it can be downright destructive to play the comparison game. Let us make a shift... Read More
Do any of you struggle with blogging? You're not alone! Which is why I'm thrilled to have on the blog Cath from Lizzie Rose Jewellery. She shares with us her entrepreneurial journey, as well as her down to earth (and super effective!) approach to blogging for her small business.

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Small business by the numbers – how do you measure up?

Small business by the numbers – how do you measure up?  - Avatar Posted by Martina Iring under Self-Development
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I kind of love statistics. I’m a bit of a nerd that way. So, I got really into these stats! Dealstruck provided a really interesting infographic pertaining to small businesses. It's a great way to reflect on your own journey. So, how do you measure up? Read More
Did you know that your business, no matter how big or small, has a voice? It's the tone of your communication, on-line or off, that affects how your audience perceives you and your business. You might be struggling to find that tone...or you may not have even thought about it at all? Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!