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They say there’s no teacher like experience. No matter how many books you read or how many successful business owners you talk to, you truly won’t know what it’s like to run a business until you get your hands dirty and… well, run a business. Read More
According to FRANdata, 52 percent of all franchises are now multi-unit operations. With the biggest industry being fast food at 35 percent, restaurant, beauty and bakery categories come in next, each making up 28 percent of all multi-unit franchises. That’s a good chunk of franchise entrepreneurs m Read More
Every small business goes through a number ups and downs throughout its life. We wanted to know what small business owners are considering their biggest milestones to be. Here’s what our small business experts had to say… Read More
With 2015 on the cusp of wrapping up, I’ve been reflecting back on the last six years of owning MyCorporation. Read More

6 E-Newsletter Best Practices for 2016

6 E-Newsletter Best Practices for 2016  - Avatar Posted by VisibleLogic under Online Marketing
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It’s easy to get distracted with social media, search or pay-per-click ads, but study after study puts email marketing as the most effective way to build awareness, acquire leads, convert prospects, and retain current customers. Read More
Successful people in any field tend to hold themselves to a lofty standard. As a result, they often experience disappointment or feel frustrated when their designs don’t immediately come to fruition. If this happens repeatedly, it can accumulate into an overall feeling of falling short of one’s pot Read More
What are ‘Nofollow’ Links and Do They Offer any SEO Benefit?

If you’ve performed any search engine optimization (SEO) work in the past, you may have come across the term “nofollow” being used to describe backlinks. Some webmasters and marketers avoid these links altogether, assuming they offer l Read More

Why Bad Customer Experiences Are Good For Your Company

Why Bad Customer Experiences Are Good For Your Company - Avatar Posted by MyCorporation under Management
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There are no hard and fast answers to these questions. In fact, it often takes a lousy experience with a customer to figure out what principles are important to you. I fully understand why my team didn’t want to agree to A, but digging in your heels and fighting a customer when they are clear about Read More
As the owner, you may think that no one will put as much work into your company as you do, and you may worry about how the company will change once someone else is running a part of it. But when you trust your employees and clearly communicate your intentions, letting your employees take the reins Read More
Summer is over. While many were going on vacations and traveling, business was still being completed for many entrepreneurs and business owners. The time flew by and as school starts, the weather changes and the temperature drops, we decided to connect with entrepreneurs and business owners to see Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!