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I am going to tell you why you should seriously consider going into rice farming. It is enough to say it is very profitable, it goes beyond being just profitable, just read on and see for yourself. Read More
We are all looking to move ahead in our careers, regardless of what that career is. Whether you have an at home business, are simply a worker bee, or are in a place of management, there are a few things that everyone should do with respect to their career before moving on to retirement. Read More
Looking for ways to increase your email open rate? It's not all about subject line. It's about a clean list and a consistent strategy. Learn 5 tips of how to increase your open rates today. Read More
As we go into year 2012 we bring to you a critical analysis of the most promising business niches for startups. These are niches we believe will further push the limits of tech based business in Nigeria and Africa. Read More
If you’ve still not got round to adding a blog on your company website, this article will be useful when you enter the world of business blogging as a beginner. Read More
Today, organizations try to improve brand loyalty among consumers in order to retain more customers, even though the task is often cited as being one of business' most challenging tasks. Nevertheless, a successful contact center will likely be able to keep clients coming back if they have an except Read More
I am never going to say that investing in stocks and bonds is out of vogue. With the right strategy you can still take your savings and increase it substantially investing in stocks. However if you are the type that never has it going Read More
Getting needed funding for your business idea or startup is probably the biggest hurdle you must pass if you are to succeed as an entreprenuer and grow that idea to worth millions or billions. Read More
Several months ago the Nigerian government passed into law a new minimum wage which stipulates that the least paid workers shall earn N18,000 ($120) monthly. This was a leap from the previous minimum wage of N7, 500 ($50) Read More
African tech entreprneurs continue to push limits and come up with varied solutions to the continent’s daily problems through creative use of technology. Today we introduce you to Churchill Nanje Mambe, the founder of, a job aggregator and search Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!