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A new patent granted to Apple suggests that the tech giant could be working on a waterproof smartphone. Currently, the company doesn’t offer any waterproof models, while one of its main competitors, Samsung, offers three.
But keeping up with the competition likely isn’t the only reason Apple is wo Read More
Social sites like LinkedIn are great for making connections and getting in touch with potential partners and prospects. But if you prefer to communicate with those connections directly via email, you might find it difficult to get in touch.
If you’ve ever spent a significant amount of time searchi Read More
When a customer experiences poor customer service, what happens next can make or break your relationship with that customer. Can you win back a customer after a negative experience? If so, how? Read More
You know the eCommerce industry is on a roll when two market leaders post better than expected results.
In the second quarter of 2016, Amazon and Shopify beat analyst expectations to report impressive growth. And the success of these companies, though quite distinct from one another, may hold key Read More
Running a startup just got easier. That is if you can make it into a good startup accelerator. There you may be able to access resources and experts that can make the growth process easier. Be sure to understand the difference between an accelerator and an incubator and why investors prefer the acc Read More
Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) owned Instagram says that users will now have the power to constantly update their followers with videos and photographs throughout the day. You can post unlimited content, add text, effects and filters. The new directive is the result of a new feature Instagram recently introd Read More
We rely on our smart phones for virtually everything including business these days. In fact, smartphones is quickly replacing PCs as the preferred computing solution. But, if the mobile signal is weak and the user can’t get connected, all the potential of this technology is rendered meaningless. So Read More
These days, it seems like everyone talks about the need for a mobile-friendly website, so that visitors on mobile devices easily find your business. Despite that, I find that people often overlook five key usability issues that can cost them traffic and sales. Read More
You don’t have to choose between traveling regularly and running a successful business. There are plenty of different businesses that you can run while traveling. And there are even some that require you to do a fair amount of traveling. So if you want to start a business that supports your love of Read More
Knowing the right accounting interview questions to ask job candidates can mean the difference between hiring a superstar and bringing the wrong person on board at your small business. We’ve identified 10 good queries to pose to job candidates the next time you have an accounting or finance role to Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!