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We all know Pinterest is popular, especially among the female demographic. But can it be leveraged to make you more money? Just like any other social network, it can be. To show you how, quicksprout has created an infographic that breaks down how you can make money from Pinterest. Read More
While it’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of social media, if you buckle down and focus, you can manage three of the biggest networks in just 34 minutes a day, or less! Check out the infographic below. Read More
Emojis are those small images such as smiley faces and pictures of animals we often send in text messages or publish on social media when words alone can't express how we feel. Typically Generation Z or those born after the Millennium. These are the individuals who have grown up with digital device Read More
A company logo is often the first impression that a consumer gets of your brand, so you want to make sure it’s sending the right message. It needs to be simple enough to be understood and remembered, but also convey everything that your brand is about. Read More
Content marketing is widely accepted as an effective form of marketing for businesses of all sizes; though, because of the time and effort needed to make it successful, businesses are still hesitant to adopt a content marketing strategy. Setting up a blog, creating a substantial amount of content, Read More
There’s more to creating a logo than just drawing a cute mascot or a quick sketch of your product. Even the simplest of the logos you see every day required a lot of effort and planning to design.

A logo needs to serve several different purposes at once, some of which might seem contradictory at Read More
Strategically creating a resume that downplays the age problem is one of the best ways to minimize the impact of age discrimination during a job hunt. And make no mistake: age bias can be just as much of a problem for younger workers as it is for the over-50 crowd. Follow these tips and create a st Read More
Did you know that Email marketing has a 4300% of ROI? Did you know that it is the most effective marketing channel after search marketing? Wonder why?

Because a Seth Godin say, it is "permission marketing". Inbox is customer's personal online space. Anything stepping in there, needs a prior perm Read More
Every blogger's number one problem is content. How often do you ask yourself a question on how to create a perfect blog post all readers would accept and love? Are you sure you know all the elements a blog post should include to look and sound informative and nice? What is the structure of a top-no Read More
Even though you’re annoyed every day by the viral videos, Candy Crush requests and clickbait headlines, Facebook could be a much worse place. An army of moderators filter through the worst of humanity that gets posted every day… so you don’t have to. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!