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Facebook seems to be posing a big problem at work. According to BBC, a council found out that staff was spending an average of 400 hours on it every month. This figure definitely did not please the council and a ban of Facebook from its computers will be put in place soon. Read More
IBM owns that technology, which is waiting to be patented. This remote control, designed by IBM scientists, allows you to “autoblog” on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace about whatever you are tuning into at any point of time. Read More
Kyle Dias, 21, wanted to marry fiancée Nikki Gallagher, 22, before the plan was thwarted by his imprisonment for robbery earlier this year. Somehow, he managed to smuggle a mobile phone with wireless connection into HMP Rochester, Kent with free access to Facebook. And that was how he got the rest of his wedding preparations done. Read More
Over the years, Google's products have won praises and support from its users. Its products such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Map and Google Analytics have truly improved our lives in many ways. However, this success was not welcomed by some and in fact, has been envied by Google's (many) rivals. With Google getting stronger and better by the da Read More
Earlier this month, Collins Dictionary announced that the word “Twitter” would be included in its next edition. Now words like 'noob', 'meh', 'mwah' and 'hmm' (see definitions below) would also be found in the new dictionary. These “words” originated from teens who converse regularly through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Bebo Read More
A wide range of tools from Facebook to Twitter are being used to deliver flu prevention tips and updates out to the public. “We need to come up with products and interesting information that people can get something everywhere, anytime.” said Jenny Backus, Health and Human Services Public Affairs. As said, social media is now their answer. Read More
Starbucks is not only number one in coffee but has also come in first as the most engaging brand on the web. Whether through Facebook or Twitter, social media savvy folks like you would probably have stumbled across Starbucks' profile. So how did our coffee giant brew its way up to glory? Whatever Starbucks has done to its successful offline bra Read More
Many businesses are looking at social media through rose tinted glasses but who can blame them? No one can deny the power of social media and the shifting trend in marketing.Above that, no one wants to be left out. Unfortunately, equivalent to the misfit in high school trying to blend into the cool gang, many businesses are looking inadequate. T Read More
They've used gross graphics, kids, fear, humor, sarcasm and lots of creativity to discourage smoking. While the effort is commendable, are you buying them? While I find all of the videos below entertaining and creative (explains the selection), only one (video 5) managed to leave a weighty impact. I guess fear works better for me. How about you Read More
If you search the exact words, “Top 10 Twitter applications” on Google, you'll find that there are many websites and blogs giving you their opinions on what they think should be the top 10 Twitter applications. What I did was to let my 30,000 odd followers choose the rightful top 10 Twitter applications. A simple question was posted on my Twitter Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!