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Some years ago you had to go outside in the market to buy things like clothes, shoes, computer, mobile phones etc. But then online shopping came into the picture and became the most famous method to buy things without leaving the house. Read More
At Pixel Studios, technology follows ‘idea’. We believe an idea is a raw diamond; on cutting and polishing, it begins to shine. We enjoy this process of ‘creating’ and following it up to apply technology to make it scalable. Ok, so what’s new? Read More
Online merchants selling internationally enjoy strong growth. Cross-border ecommerce gross merchandise volume is expected to grow by 25 percent through 2020. Read More
Customer support is an important function for any business. But it can be especially vital for tech startups. And that’s specifically the type of business that customer service outsourcing company SupportYourApp aims to help. Read More
Meet the founders of Ginjan Brothers, LLC, a Harlem-based beverage company that specializes in traditional African beverages. They won the grand prize in the 2016 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. Ginjan Brothers recently shared the social media Facebook strategy they use to help propel their suc Read More
The important thing to remember about personas. Personas is a detail list of answered information that goes beyond the traditional demographics (sex, age, occupation, etc), geographic segmentation (location by city, state, and country), and psychographics (personality, values, attitudes, interest, Read More

How to Live Stream: The Complete Guide for Businesses

How to Live Stream: The Complete Guide for Businesses  - Avatar Posted by andriawhack under Strategy
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Learn how to live stream for your brand and business - it's a great way to boost your exposure and audience engagement for relatively little effort. Read More
In order to effectively market to your target audience, you need a comprehensive strategy that allows you to nurture your potential leads. As technology changes, so does the way in which marketers can nurture those leads. In order to make your sales skyrocket, you have to open up multiple channels Read More
Startups constantly worry about how to get their businesses visible to customers online. It is a sure fire starter to create content, place ads on social media and amplifying their message using Hootsuite, but it is hard to move customers if you do not know the full landscape of SEO and the full sc Read More
Freemium or premium, that is the question many entrepreneurs ask every day. Learn 3 main reasons why this might not be the right pricing and how to fix it.
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!