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Emergencies can and will happen, and often when we least expect them to. If you own a small business, then knowing how to properly prepare for and respond to an unexpected crisis can be the deciding factor between the recovery of your business and it's permanent closure. Read More
Want to Sabotage your business blog articles and make sure nobody reads them?

Here are four highly-effective and user-fiendly ways to accomplish your goal! Read More
Hundreds dead! 100s of Millions of dollars in settlements.

It would have cost Ford less than $10 to make the Pinto safe.

Think you don't need to test your product before selling it? Read More
What is the potential Return on Investment of a Business blog?

This week I was contacted and hired by somebody who read an article I had posted nearly six months ago.

A business blog is like a bank account which keeps returning interest! Read More

I Just Want The Base Model Thanks

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Have ever awaited eagerly the release of a new product you want to buy and be disappointed when it was available. It can occur when they pack too many features in and make them all mandatory. Here are things to consider if you want to offer a base product or service to your customers. Read More
The wall-poster was a cultural and marketing icon of the 70s and 80s...

...and this was THE ONE to own! Read More
I am right and you are wrong. You are an idiot. Hearing this always makes me think of children disagreeing with each other. This is also played out in client and service provider relationships. If you look on Twitter for example you often hear someone complaining about a client. Read More
Yes, you can build your business with only dream clients. In fact, if you are going to build a business, you are going to do so by serving your dream clients. Read More
Dickensonian. Draconian.

A reality in many countries until the 19th Century.

Would you take a chance of building your dream business if it could land you in prison? Read More
While we "Average-Joe" businesspeople bust our asses to get by...

He earned an average of $241,000 per-second of work. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!