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Defining Workplace Productive Activity & 4 Ways To Improve It

Defining Workplace Productive Activity & 4 Ways To Improve It - http://blog.toggl.com Avatar Posted by TST1 under Startups
From http://blog.toggl.com 2996 days ago
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A productive activity is one that will somehow push you forward, put you in a place where you weren’t yesterday and ultimately bring you closer to the end goal. Now take a step back and think about what an ideal productive day looks like for you. Most of the time the activities put you into the min Read More
With the news that Steve Ballmer is set to retire as CEO of Microsoft, it seems that the market’s appreciation and joy towards the news was right. Ballmer, as eccentric as he may be, has had his share of product and service failures and successes yet he has managed to really hurt the most important Read More

Learn to Market Without Sales Hyperbole

Learn to Market Without Sales Hyperbole - http://smallbiztrends.com Avatar Posted by airabongco under Direct Marketing
From http://smallbiztrends.com 3005 days ago
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This is the age of creativity. The more creative you are, the higher the likelihood that you'll succeed. Here is an article that will remind you of that. Read More
I’m afraid to say that business development is no longer a 9 – 5 thing. If you thought it was, you should really carry on reading….

You see, part of my strategy when hitting the phones to generate leads involves religiously leaving my mobile number in voicemails. You’ve probably seen our advice Read More
As a rule, making assumptions can often leave sales people skating on thin ice when it comes to asking for the order.

Don’t get me wrong, being assumptive can sometimes be an asset but not when it comes to the really important stuff. It’s something we see quite a lot of so here’s a definitive Read More
We’re certainly not advocates of scripts but from time to time a business does need to have a script in place, be it for training purposes or fail safe practices to help counteract difficult situations. Read More
Sales performance improvement is one of the key areas we focus on when we are acting as sales consultants. During our time working with companies we consistently notice that even though they are aware sales performance is slacking they fail to dive deep into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of it. Read More
In the early days of Oracle, Larry still worked with the growing sales force on a frequent basis. Even before Oracle's current headquarters were built, Larry would address the employees at the Davis Drive location in Belmont. Read More
I’ve been involved with similar projects to re-connect with lapsed customers in 4 different companies over the last couple of months and following some undoubted successes I thought I’d share with the wider world the smartest way to approach these particular accounts. Read More
Sales qualification is about understanding the deep underlying problems and aspects of the customers’ needs and business, a lot of sales people tend to drop the ball at this point. Whilst the majority of sales professionals asks the mediocre questions that really offer no information, the exception Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!