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Small businesses may have limited budgets but there is one area they can compete head to head with big companies. The secret: Customer service Read More
If your business is in global market, you can’t avoid the travel. Your presence might be needed in another country where your business operates. And thus, you must prepare yourself to travel most often. Read More
Cash problem is inevitable when you have a business. Generating cash to sustain business income and operation would always be a tough process. And in most cases, entrepreneurs are always consider getting a business loan to overcome financial problems. Read More
The internet can provide a vast resources in order for entrepreneurs to find great opportunities. An online business is the best way to generate income and to connect with people who are also doing business online. Read More

Influence Equals Credibility

Influence Equals Credibility - Avatar Posted by iannarino under Sales
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Being a person of influence requires that you are first credible. Your credibility depends on your ability to prove you have the experience and business acumen to make a difference, to tell the truth when it is uncomfortable to do so, to say that you don’t know the answer to questions but will find out, and to not paint an incredible picture Read More
If you get toll free number for your business you will have toll free advantages and benefits such as: better customer support, increase sales, and enhance business image, mobility, access and growth Read More
Today there is a new way to do business, one where the business owner of a company is in the front lines to find out what the customers want, interacting with them and providing something more than just a product or service. This is the person that a customer wants to buy from, a real person who lets them know that they care, and they acknowledge us as more of a friend then just a number who puts money in their pocket every time they buy somethin Read More
Great article giving information to website publishers on the audience measurement statistics they should be promoting to advertising buyer, from leading 'beyond the mainstream media' expert Denise Shrivell. Written for an Australian audience though applicable broader afield Read More
Quality and affordable Social Media marketing and web design for small businesses. Grow your business by developing an online presence. Utilize Social Media sites to brand your business and to increase sales and revenue Read More
Planning is essential for the start-up of a new small business. Using a worksheet to determine if a business opportunity is viable is essential to the strategic planning process. This template offers suggestions for a business analysis start-up worksheet that prepares entrepreneurs for opening a small business. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!