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Tom Rath, co-author of Well-Being: The 5 Essential Elements, shared these three tips we all can follow to boost our career well-being. These tips arise from his global research on employee engagement, well-being and the strengths movement. Read More
Every business, no matter how big or small, has three primary functions that are essential to it's success: operations (production and services), accounting, and marketing. As a business grows other functions are established like customer service, human resources, shipping/receiving, and more.. Read More

Can Someone Else Tell Your Company's Story?

Can Someone Else Tell Your Company's Story?  - Avatar Posted by thursdayb under Marketing
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When you consider how many small business’ value is based on the expertise of the founder or trust in one particular person, having someone else market that expertise or make promises based on that trust is incredibly difficult Read More

7 tips for better customer service (and customer loyalty)

7 tips for better customer service (and customer loyalty) - Avatar Posted by StephenLynch under Customer Service
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First (and last) impressions matter

Research shows that customers remember the first and last moments of their interactions with you more vividly than the rest of it. Make sure the first and last elements of your customer interactions are a well-engineered, well documented process that all your team follow - because they are going to stick in the customer's memory Read More
Small businesses may best understand the benefit from white space, or business model, innovation. Here are three steps any business of any size can take to go where no competitors and seize the white space with innovative business models that generate innovative sources of revenues. Read More
Great insights into how to build a successful career and life. Focus on giving and the getting will take care of itself Read More
These are the 4 business books I keep close at hand. Why? Because they have brought the greatest results to me, personally and professionally. Read More

Twitter seems to be headed down the path towards creating their own suite of apps. You might want to bookmark their media blog as it’s gotten pretty active. Last week brought the @anywhere platform for developers and this week they introduced a simple little tool that allows you to republish tweets like a screen grab Read More
Keeping track of your company's online image can be tedious and intimidating. Google Alerts can automatically send you a daily email summarizing what people are saying about you online. You can also monitor your competitors Read More
Uncertainty still rules the day for many. Here's 6 steps you can take to minimize any fear that may arise as a result. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!