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Most email marketing companies provide clear and helpful answers to your questions. However, when it comes to how fast these answers are given, quite big differences can be noticed.

In the first instance I checked for my own curiosity the exact duration the companies needed to respond. Read More
TrueTwit is a service that attempts to validate your new followers to see if they are human as opposed to automated bots.

Do you use TrueTwit or do you hate it?

If you're one of the users, see how useless their validation process is. The final proof comes from TrueTwit itself! Read More
Why do people make a purchase decision. I'm not talking about persuading sales letters, psychological sales triggers or over hyped products. I mean the real reason why you decide to purchase a product. Read More
If you are around in the internet marketing niche for any length of time, you might have realized a change in the last few months or so. More and more products are released to the market places in different sub niches that are paying a whopping 100% commission to their affiliates. Read More
Are you thinking about rebranding and combining multiple websites under one brand? Worried about trashing your SEO ranking? Do you remember when rebranded as Within 6 months, they were ranking higher for SEO terms and phrases than they had as SEOMoz and you can too. Read More
My Email Marketing Services Series continues with a comparison between the veteran MailChimp and the younger MadMimi.

The review evaluates all aspects an email marketer should assess before deciding what service to choose: pricing, additional costs, prohibited content & actions, support, tech st Read More
If you aren't using videos in your marketing because you don't like to be in front of the camera and screen recording software like Camtasia Studio is too pricey for you, then check out these 3 free resources. Read More
Everyone tells you how important writing killer headlines is. Writing effective email headlines isn't that easy though.

Is the average Joe doomed to fail? Isn't there any solution that can offset a lame headline and make the recipient open the email?

Find out now... Read More
Over one year ago I blogged about having many Twitter Followers and what it could do for you on Twitter. As you can see the post was still being shared recently. (Thanks to JustRetweet, hint!)
Having a large Twitter following can give you more social proof on the Twitter network. People may decide Read More
Everybody uses social media sites for a reason. While some use it only for fun or to stay connected with friends and family, many others use it as a tool for their social media marketing activities.

Although there’s a lot of advice available you still can see people doing the same mist Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!