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As you know, there's really no better time for a fresh start than beginning of January as it is the time so set ourselves for success.

Of course, we need a plan for this. Have you set your plans for the year 2015?

Something you probably haven't thought of are your Social Media plans, but to s Read More
Are you looking for a business marketing system?
Do you want a business marketing system specifically designed for small and local businesses?
Are you fed up and confused and want a simple 5 Step Local Business Marketing System?

This video is for small or local business owners who want to unde Read More
No matter if you are in business for just a few weeks or since a couple of years, you'll have heard about the list and how important it is to build your list.

List Building for 2015 is a set of tools that make list building even easier.

As I personally use these tools I only can recommend to Read More
Blogging is nearly ubiquitous with creating a meaningful online presence, especially when connected through your website and pushed through your social media channels. Effective blogging can create new customers, keep current ones and show a human side of your organization. There are things to avoi Read More
Are you a blogger? Have you failed to generate traffic with blog commenting?

Discover the top 9 reasons why some blog comments generate very few clicks or no clicks at all. Read More
Forget all videos, articles, or whatever content you've read on the topic 'dot in front of Twitter handle', and use a powerful weapon: the common sense.

This article reveals 1) why you should never put a dot in front of a tweet and 2) what you should do instead (in THAT case). Read More
There's a constant flow of email marketers looking for an alternative to AWeber. MadMimi is a cheaper but professional alternative that I have happily used since 2012.

This review includes both pros & cons (and solutions), and also MadMimi's advantages in comparison with other similar services s Read More
Would you ignore nearly two-thirds of your customers? Of course not! But in a recent study, only one-third of customers who Tweeted to a company about a complaint or issue got a response. Social media is a fantastic way to not only engage with your customers but address issues. Are you listening? Read More
You might have realized as well that the quality solo ad traffic you receive gets worse and worse.

What if there would be a method that lets you drive high quality traffic for just a portion of the price a solo ad would cost? Read More
This video walks you through the members area of Simple Traffic Solutions, a training course that teaches 20 different methods how to drive traffic to your website. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!